Welcome to VodChat.

This is Version 1, try not to break it, well, sorta do, then let us know how you broke it! Feedback and Suggestions can be left on The Forums.

VodChat is a tool that lets you watch a YouTube video and see the chat that spoken on Twitch at the same time.

At the moment not many videos have been given their chat times, so look for the "Chat Enabled" badge top right of a video in a playlist (not on the playlist below).

This will improve over time as we collect chat offsets! We may even add a way to let you submit offsets to crowd collect

Known Issues:

  • Needs a playlist search
  • Many, many, many more videos to update add chat to

Recent Playlists

Sorted in "Most recent" first, the date shown is the broadcast date for the most recent episode in that playlist.