VodChat - Privacy Policy

Updated: October 28th 2022

This service collects and stores the following information from you the user of the site

  • IP address is collected into the Server access log, it is not linked to your Twitch ID
  • If you login with Twitch we do not store any information beyond your public TwitchID, Twitch username (and display name) and profile image, these are not stored and only used to enrich your experience

Third Party Services

  • Google Analytics maybe used to collect anonomous usage information for this website
  • Google/YouTube API's are used to embed videos from CohhCarnage into this website
  • CohhCarnage VodChat does not collect or store any Google/YouTube information from you the user of this WebSite.
  • Game information boxart and images are displayed from IGDB's CDN

Third Party Services - Notes

For further information on the YouTube Terms of Services, please visit YouTube Terms of Service and for Google their Privacy & Terms

By using this site, you the user of this site agree to be bound by the YouTube Terms of Service.

Contacting Us

If you need to contact us wirth regards to this service, please reach out as follows

Visit The Cohhilition Twitch extension.

Click "Call a Mod" and a channel moderator will be able to assist you.

Alterantively, you can send a email to barrycarlyon at gmail.com